The 5 best tools to find great domain names that are available

As an online entrepreneur there’s no way of getting around it: you need a domain domain. Preferably one that’s short, easy to remember and makes it immediately clear what it’s about. I mean, what better name is there than – right?

However – most of the best names are taken and (usually) costs quite a bit of money. Even though it might pay off in the long run to purchase a $100,000 domain name… I usually pay only $10.

How? Because I go after the ones that are still available (or purchase them for max $500 in the very rare occasion). You might think I’m nuts – but the truth is.. when you’re creative, you can still find usable names that are available – if you follow the right approach. Here’s how I do it:

Step #1: Make a list of keywords

Before utilizing these tools, it is important to list down all the keywords that are indicative of your business; the more keywords you come up with, the better it is for your search – as long as the keywords make clear what your business is about.

Step #2: Enter the magic tools

Once you got your list ready… Enter your keywords into one of these free tools below and keep a list of high-potentials that are available.

Tip: Even though a .com is preferred, don’t make that your only option. I rather have a short and easy to remember .net name versus a


Domainr allows you to generate domain names fast, whether you want a short URL or something longer for your business. It is simple, it’s easy, it doesn’t give you a hard time searching for the right domain. For me, it truly lives up to it’s name.


Lean Domain Search

Another tool that enables you to look for available names is Lean Domain Search. Just enter the words that you want to be included in your domain, and you will be given a list that will help narrow your search – in seconds!

lean domain search


Panabee works the same as the above tools. However, it provides relevant terms that you may find helpful for this particular task. Suggestions are also given, should you find out that the name you want is unfortunately already taken.


Moreover, you are given the option to explore other domain extensions if you wish.

pick domain extensions panabee

Name Mesh

Once you enter your keywords in the search bar, you will be diverted into the categorised lists. So, if you want a name that is something fun, common, or focuses more on SEO, Name Mesh is ideal for you.


And, here is a list of categories you can explore!

name mesh categories


Impossibility is an easy to use tool with a twist. You have the option to add adjectives, nouns, verbs, or a mix of anything at the beginning or end of your keyword. Some people actually say that this domain generator has more control of its options. With Impossibility, nothing is impossible.


Step #3: Take your time

Don’t pick your name overnight, but let it sink in. Put them on a list, talk about it with others (ask which one they prefer) and check whether your favorite is still a favorite in 1 week time. If it is – go bold and just go for it.

I have personally used these tools tons of times, and they’ve actually helped me find several names for my businesses, such as, and many more.

What about you? Do you prefer to buy premium domains for thousands of dollars – or pick up available ones for less than $10?